Industrial Zone – North Pezhouhesh – 252 Street-Shira-Iran
Iran Arme Co. has been registered at Companies Registry Office of Fars province on 1981and obtained the certification for manufacturing of fabric made concrete pieces, metal trusses, Polystyrene blocks, Kormit joists, and also rolling metal bars from Industry and Mine head office of province Fars.
By now, Iran Arme Co. is one of the leading companies in manufacturing of fabric made concrete pieces in the country which has designed and been manufacturing the POLYSTYRENE ROOF PROTECTIVE PANELS (MPS). This new product has been registered at Iran Industrial Ownership head office on 2000 as a new invention under the name of Mr. JAFAR TAABODI. Following this, our company has acquired the technical certification of the Iran Researching Center for Road, Dwelling and Urbanism. Developing the quality and quantity of our products according to the national Standards is the first goal of Iran Arme Co.

According to the Road, Dwelling and Urbanism Organization Standards and also 543 review regulations, to protect the polystyrene blocks in all roofs which polystyrene blocks are used, and to prevent the direct heat or flame to the polystyrene blocks, it is essential to cover the roof under surface with a protective layer such as a net composing of metal wires or rabitz and a layer composing of clay and plaster.
This protective layer should have the required stability and endurance without using any mechanical joint to the foam blocks.
To observe the above mentioned regulations and necessities, and to make the production and performance of protective layer easy, and also to observe the economical problems and to reduce the amount of currency needed, we represent the POLYSTYRENE ROOF PROTECTIVE PANELS (MPS) with the following advantages:
MPS is a panel with 12 mm thickness composed of mineral and industrial elements and 525 Portland cement armed with a net of 2.5 metal wires. It is 500 mm long and 250mm wide with the total weight of 3.5 Kg for truss joists and 660x250 mm and 4.5 Kg weight for Kormit joists. It is used as a defensive shield of polystyrene blocks against the probable fires. By using this protective product, the thickness of polystyrene blocks will be reduced to 200mm (instead of 250mm) and the density of it will be reduced to 10 Kg/m3 (instead of 12Kg/m3).
In this way we will have a volume reduction of %20 for polystyrene blocks and a currency reduction of %33 in our costs. In addition, the useful height of the rooms would not be reduced.
In this way we will have a volume reduction of %20 for polystyrene blocks and a currency reduction of %33 in our costs. In addition, the useful height of the rooms would not be reduced.

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 500x250x12mm and 660x250x12mm

Armed with a net of 2.5mm metal wires

Resistive to fire according to standard 12055-1

Functionality as a thermal barrier

Uniform resistance to 120Co after 15minutes

Load capacity to 250 Kg for MPS and polystyrene blocks as a whole (density 10Kg/m3)

Thermal and sonic isolation

Composed of industrial and mineral (hollow) elements

MPS 500x250mm for concrete joists with 40mm heels MPS and joists making a surface

MPS 660x250mm for Kormit joists with 12mm heels The under surface for plaster

%20 volume reduction of foam blocks

% 33 currency reduction in costs

%50 costs reduction

%52 weight reduction

%90 performance time reduction

%100 elimination of rabitz

One m2 weighed 24 Kg

A more effective defensive fire shield (MPS + Finishing)

No debris by earthquake

No internal volume reduction

Serrate surface for better plaster

Armed with a more effective net (for better drilling)

Performance ability with 120mm heel (the backrest of MPS on joists is about 20mm)

Thermal and sonic isolation