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Other Products
Polystyrene Blocks
The quality of our polystyrene blocks is unique. The advantages of polystyrene blocks grade E&F
- Fast and easy installation - Resistant to earthquake
– Due to reduction of unused load, the blocks show more resistance to any earthquake and do not get crushed.
- Saving clay and plaster
– For the first time, some grooves are placed on the under surface of the blocks.
- Saving metal wires and beams to %22 in each m2
- Resistant to the impacts
- Fast and easy transportation
- Reduction in wage costs
- Saving concrete beams, so that you can place a distance of 60 cm between beams instead of 50 cm

Metal trusses
Iran Arme Co. uses resistive welding methods for manufacturing of metal wire trusses according to national standard 2909-1.

Metal wire truss
According to the national standard 2909-1, a metal wire truss is constructed with the pulled metal wire for the bottom, and round metal wire for the top and in Z shape between (Z-purlines). All wires are welded together to establish the necessary strengths for transportation and constructing the roof.

Bottom metal wire (pulling member)
The diameter of this metal wire should not be less than 6mm and more than 16mm.

Z-type metal wire
According to standard 2909-1, the diameter of this metal wire is between 4 to 6mm and is doubled.

Top metal wire
According to standard 2909-1, the diameter of this metal wire should be as indicated in the below table.

Concrete joists
Different fabric or hand-made concrete joists are manufactured according to national standards 2909-1 and 2909-2 and regulations mentioned in review No. 543 considering all technical and performing necessities.